Meet Anne Frank

Aylestone Business and Enterprise College has the priviledge of hosting the Anne Frank Exhibition. As part of the BBC Report initiative pupils have written reports based around this and can be found in the navigation bar above.

Anne Frank was a Jewish girl born in Germany in 1929 who went into hiding in the Second World War to escape the Nazis.

In 1933 Hitler became head of the German government this meant the Frank family fled to Netherlands. They lived in Merwedeplein and the father Otto got a business and Anne and her older sister Margot went to school. Then World War 2 started and Germany invades the Netherlands on May the 10th 1940. They find a safe place in an annex with four other Jews living there as well.

When Anne was younger the Nazis banned all Jews from going to the same schools, with this in mind we think that the quality of her diary was very good considering she didn’t have a proper education. The Nazis made every Jew wear a gold star badge (Star of David) which then identified them to everyone around them as a Jew. The types of people who the Nazis also targeted were disabled people, homosexuals, gypsies and black people, these people were killed straight away. These types of people nowadays are treated with the same amount of respect. This could be because the diary could have influenced people today to treat others around us equally.

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