Why Aylestone


What We Offer

Sending your child or children to High School is obviously a big decision that can have an impact upon the whole family. At Aylestone School we understand that as parents you will have many questions both before and during your child's time at school. Hopefully many of these questions can be answered through this website, however we know there is nothing like personal contact so before, during and after your child's time at Aylestone we commit to prioritise clear, constructive and conscientious communication. On the 'About Us' page you will find plenty of information. However throughout all we do we commit to these three principles:


We endeavour to ensure that every child leaves school with the best possible academic achievement, relevant to them as individuals and even to their desired career. We offer a wide range of subjects that suit all learners and we're very proud of our academic achievements.

Personal Development

We are passionate that pupils of Aylestone leave as rounded and mature individuals empowered to follow their dreams and aims. Our disciplinary and reward systems are clear and fair, promoting the difference between right and wrong, developing tolerance and diversity. We believe it is vital that pupils have a voice and that respect for one another must permeate all we do. We acknowledge our responsibility to build our community, as a result the personal development of pupils is an absolutely key part for our contribution to the future of pupils and Herefordshire in general.

Learning to Learn

The end of year 11 is the starting line rather than the finish. We aim that your child / children will leave their time at Aylestone with the capacity and hunger to develop skills and key learning. We recognise that an individual with belief in themselves and the capacity to learn, develop or change is someone that can be successful and tackle anything.