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Who is Anne Frank?

During Anne Frank’s stay in the annex where she hid from Hitler and his troops she kept a diary. She hoped that her diary would be published as a novel after the war. But she never managed to finish it. On the 4th August 1944 everyone in the secret annex was found and arrested because someone betrayed them. They are sent to the Westerbork transit camp and then later sent to Auschwitz. Anne’s father Otto was the only one from the secret annex to survive the camps. One of the people from the secret annex died in the gas chamber and another was thrown in front of a train during transport. The rest died of exhaustion and disease including Anne. After the Soviet Union liberated Auschwitz Otto returned to Amsterdam on the way back he heard of his wife’s death. Back in Amsterdam, he went to see Miep and Jan Gies who helped hide Anne and her family. He found out that Anne and Margot did not survive the camps, Miep gave Otto Anne’s diaries.

On June 25, 1947 Otto published Anne’s diary but he edited out bits of it because some of it was very personal and private. The first copy of Anne’s diary was written in Dutch and was made by Otto for his friends and family in Switzerland. Anne’s diary was published into over 60 languages and over 30 million copies were sold. In 1955, a play was made based on the diary. The play won the Pulitzer Prize for Theatre, the Tony Award and the New York Critics Circle Award for best play. A film was also made. It was called the diary of Anne Frank and it was released in 1959 in the US. The film also won 3 Oscars including “Best Supporting Actress” for Shelley Winters.

Anne’s diary is so important to us today because it is a big part of history and schools learn about it so that we can know about what happened in the past. Also, it is to help young people learn about the prejudices that people hold.

By Kathryn

Concentration camp that Anne Frank was sent to.


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