Reporter: Ethan

I applied to be a peer guide mainly for the confidence boost as I knew that I would have to stand in front of my peers as an expert. I also wanted to meet other students who were interested in the Exhibition and the history behind it. Finally, I wanted to develop my knowledge of the life of Anne Frank and the time that she lived. What I wasn’t aware of was how it has opened my eyes to the discrimination that is around us. But, also, the sadness that one man, Hitler, could want to destroy a race.

One of the people who helped us students develop our knowledge on Anne was Donna she helped me conquer my nerves and develop my social skills. She has been a part of the Anne frank trust since 2014 she has qualifications as a history teacher and specializes in terrorism and war studies. She is really nice and very supportive she gives you positive criticism. Another one of the helpers is Helen she is just as nice and supportive as Donna they are both really nice and great people to work with.

Our group has worked hard to build an informative experience for the visitors by writing notes and prompt cards. Practising and practising and practising our pieces. We were then thrown into the deep end with the tours. This got us over the issue of nerves.

I have taken so much from this experience. Such as: not to discriminate and the consequences of discrimination. What life was like for Jewish people during the war. The biggest thing I am going to walk away from this knowing the story of Anne Frank.

Star of David which had to be worn by anyone over the age of 6


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