Technology and the Arts (TATA)

Design and Technology

The main aim in Design and Technology is to improve students' skills in designing and making. The main objective for pupils is to have fun in a safe, calm environment, where we applaud experimentation with design, materials and ingredients and try to give pupils the basic tools for a career in design. At Key Stage 3, students will study Resistant Materials and Food. At Key Stage 4, we offer GCSE Design and Technology (Resistant Materials) and GCSE Food, Preparation and Nutrition. These are popular choices with the pupils, as they enjoy the practical and design elements involved.

Art & Design

The Art department is committed to providing high quality, stimulating and accessible art education for all. We believe that the ability to communicate effectively through images is an essential skill in today's world. All students are nurtured through an induction programme in year 7 to equip them with the foundation skills to work effectively in the studio. Once settled in we take our students through a range of practical tasks that assist their development in Art and Design. These tasks include challenges in 2D and 3D artwork, embracing a wide range of materials and equipment including the use of computers in art. At Key Stage 4, pupils have the opportunity to study GCSE Art, where they will complete two portfolios of work which will lead up to two final pieces.


The Music department begins in year 7 with an induction programme centred on the elements of music. Music is studied for 1 hour per week in each of the three years in Key Stage 3. The course develops students' knowledge, skills and understanding of the subject through practical activities, including composition, performing and listening. Students will experience a wide range of practical activities, ranging from developing their keyboard skills to playing in a Samba percussion ensemble and writing their own music. Students not only begin to understand how western music is organised and created, but begin to experience music from other cultures and traditions. Students also have the opportunity to use the practise facilities and equipment for their own band or learn an instrument through the Herefordshire Encore. At Key Stage 4, pupils have the opportunity to study GCSE Music.

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