Science is taught in well-equipped labs supported by the latest in ICT. Year 7, 8 and 9 students follow a combined Science course in mixed ability classes for year 7 and then in ability bands in year 8 and above so that lessons can best meet the needs of individual students. Students in year7,8 & 9 follow the new National Curriculum that makes use of modern resources and places a great emphasis on "Working Scientifically". All year 10 students will start their GCSE courses at the beginning of year 10. The majority of students will follow a double award GCSE in Core Science and Additional Science with Further Additional Science being available as an option subject. Each course involves assessed practical activities which account for 25% of the available marks, with the rest of the course being formally examined at the end of year 11. All KS4 schemes make good use of excellent, electronic interactive resources as well as more traditional practical work.

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