About Aylestone

At Aylestone we aim to provide an inclusive, caring and supportive environment which has high expectations and values all members of our school community. We recognise and respect the needs and aspirations of individuals and provide opportunities for them all to make the best possible progress and attain the highest personal academic achievements.

Aylestone aims to provide high quality education for children of all backgrounds. The school encourages and supports its children in all areas of their learning and development. Aylestone School is a caring, happy and friendly environment in which children can discover and unlock their full potential in all aspects of their learning whether it is academic or personal development. We strive to cultivate a love of learning so that children are fully involved in their education whilst empowering them to understand how they learn best so they can achieve more and make outstanding progress.

We believe that this does not just happen in the classroom. We seek to offer an extensive program of extracurricular activities and visits designed to enrich and extend our children's learning experience. Through all forms of learning, we strive to further mutual respect for all people, irrespective of ability, race, gender and cultural or religious differences. We seek to create opportunities for children to celebrate diversity, break down cultural barriers and collaborate. Through an emphasis on British values, social responsibility, community involvement and global awareness, we hope to develop global citizens of the future who are confident young people, resilient and ready to meet the challenges of the ever-changing world in which they will live.

At Aylestone School we know that academic performance is highly important however we strongly believe that this needs to go hand in hand with a child's personal development. Through Our Core Values and Our Personal Goals we encourage independent learning, empowering our children to take on responsibility. The children learn to celebrate diversity with a spirit of understanding and tolerance and develop a positive regard and awareness of others.

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