The Maths department aims to introduce pupils to the beauty and diversity inherent in the subject. Students learn through a combination of individual topic-based study, pair and group work and longer investigative tasks. Learning takes place in dedicated Mathematics classrooms, all with projection facilities. In addition, the department has one class set of laptop computers with wireless access for student use. Throughout years 7 - 9 pupils have eight lessons per fortnight. In years 10 and 11 they have six. Students begin their Maths GCSE course after the Easter break in year 9. Current year 11 pupils will sit two separate GCSE qualifications in mathematics, as part of the Linked Pair Pilot. This gives them two opportunities to gain their all important C grade or above. The qualifications differ slightly in focus - Applications in mathematics being mainly problem-solving based, with Methods in mathematics assessing primarily the identification and use of mathematical skills. Current year 10 pupils are studying for the new GCSE in mathematics, encompassing all aspects of these two qualifications.

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