The English faculty is housed in a bright and vibrant block, at the heart of which is our library. Challenge and rigour are central to our work in English and it is for this reason that our KS3 pupils sit formal exams in year 7, year 8 and year 9. These exams focus on the skills and the examination format that the children will encounter at KS4 and enable careful onward planning by teachers to ensure that everyone is KS4 ready by the end of year 9. A Shakespeare text is studied in each year of KS3, alongside a range of modern novels, non-fiction and poetry. We use the Accelerated Reader programme in year 7 and ensure that independent reading remains a key feature of our lessons into year 8 and beyond. We assess pupils each half term. These assessments, where necessary, lead to focused literacy interventions where a need has been identified. The department uses the 'Show My Homework' online resource which enables us to work closely with parents in supporting learning outside the classroom.

At KS4, we follow the AQA specifications in English Language and English Literature. We are proud of our GCSE results, due good commitment to learning from our students, good and outstanding teaching and staff who are always willing to work alongside pupils to offer additional help and support.

Members of the English department enjoy working with teachers across the school to support literacy in all subjects and all staff encourage children to use the literacy pages in their planners to help them draft and refine their writing.

Enrichment activities are a feature of the department and some of these include Drama Club, theatre trips, Scrabble and chess clubs, plenty of competitions and visiting speakers.

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