Computer Science, ICT and Business Studies

The Computer Science/Business Studies department offers a dedicated team of Computer Science/Business Studies specialist teachers that is enthusiastic and determined to provide pupils with the best education. The majority of the Computer Science/Business Studies staff have previously worked in industry bringing a wide range of business and enterprise skills into the classroom. There are 4 fully equipped suites with industry standard software including Windows 7, Office 2010, Adobe/Macromedia Suite and various programs for coding and computer programming. All pupils follow a Computer Science curriculum at KS3 that includes ICT and E-Safety. We offer all pupils the opportunity to study GCSE in Computer Science and GCSE Business Studies in Year 10. We support all students, regardless of ability level, throughout the course by offering extra-curricular time in ICT support clubs. Pupils work independently but are provided with many opportunities to work with others to develop the sought after business and enterprise skills such as team work and communication.

Modern Foreign Languages

Modern Foreign Languages form a very special and unique part of the school curriculum. Our aim is to enable students to develop a life-long love of language learning, linguistic skills and inter-cultural understanding across the federation. The studying of a foreign language increases pupils' knowledge, skills, understanding and appreciation of different cultures and people from other countries. It also encourages positive attitudes towards speakers of other languages, thus developing international citizenship and contributing to the core values of the school and the country. Languages require the use of different skills which can open many doors, both now and in the future. As well as learning a language, students increase in confidence, improve communication skills and learn to listen for both gist and detail, as well as thoroughly research and report both individually and as part of a team. The Modern Foreign Languages team strive to provide engaging lessons and experiences where all students are given opportunities to develop their communication skills, creativity, thinking skills and the ability to reflect on and learn from their mistakes. We are always looking to create new opportunities for students and we seek to make language learning useful, relevant and creative in today's society where culture and communication is so important. This includes extra-curricular trips, outside speakers, an international cinema club and we have also participated in the "host a German teacher" scheme. We offer French to all of our students and German to our higher attaining linguists. We also provide the language teaching at both of our federated primary schools as well.

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